Dan Feliciano for Vermont Governor

Dan has the Experience and Expertise

For a Better, Leaner, & Freer Vermont

As Governor, I will;

  • Stop the Single payer system – there are lower cost, lower risk free market alternatives that should be pursued
  • Cut spending and taxes and improve the state’s productivity
  • Cut taxes including the property tax
  • Expand school choice

“People should be empowered AND accountable to live the lives they choose.”

Over the years, as a Strategy & Change consultant and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, I’ve helped organizations (private and public sector) decrease costs, improve productivity, improve customer satisfaction and improve revenue.  How many of the other candidates have this Expertise?

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October 7, 2014


Libertarian Dan Feliciano says Gov. Peter Shumlin wants to use Medicare money to finance single-payer health care. State officials say they have no intention of doing so and couldn’t if they wanted to.

 October 7, 2014

Press Release
For Immediate Release October 7, 2014
Contact: Carol Feliciano 802-233-8893

Governor Shumlin Keep Your Hands Off Vermonters’ Medicare Benefits

Montpelier, VT – Last week Vermont Digger reported in a news story that Governor Shumlin is seeking a federal waiver which would require Vermont Seniors to access Medicare through the single payer health care plan. The Governor will also apply for what’s known as an “all-payer waiver,” which would allow the state to set reimbursement rates for Medicare,” according to Robin Lunge.
The purpose according to Lunge is to “allow Vermont to reduce cost-shifting among payers, as currently happens to commercial insurance carriers when government programs underpay.”

“Such a waiver could ultimately allow Vermont, if it transitions to a universal publicly financed health care program — often called single-payer — to pay the vast majority of people’s health care costs with capped payments to doctors and hospitals, though the details of such an arrangement will take years to finalize,” Lunge said.

“I’m here today to ring the alarm bell and make sure that Vermont senior citizens know that Governor Shumlin’s wants to take control of their Medicare benefits from the federal government to help offset costs of the single payer system. Vermont seniors paid for their Medicare benefits and should continue to access those benefits without interference from the Governor’s plan. Healthcare benefits and access to physicians could be greatly diminished for seniors if their health care is rolled into the single payer plan. If Governor Shumlin is allowed to continue on his reckless path seniors will find themselves enrolled in the single payer plan with no other options.

“I urge every Vermont senior to get out and vote against Governor Shumlin. The only way to really protect their Medicare benefit is to elect a Governor who will keep his hands off their benefits and the agreement seniors have with the federal government. Governor Shumlin was given the chance to create an insurance exchange and he failed. He should not have the chance to tinker with health care for Vermont seniors.”

October 1, 2014

We don’t have much time!

We need to raise $100,000 in the next 48 hours to help pay for campaign materials, yard signs, media buys and etc.
To remain in the race, we need your support now!
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For Liberty, Dan Feliciano for Governor
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 September 29, 2014

My interview by Mark Johnson can be found at the link below.




September 8, 2014

Feliciano Issues Debate Challenge to Governor Shumlin and Scott Milne

Candidate Dan Feliciano is proposing a series of three 90-minute debates with Governor Shumlin during the weeks remaining before the November election, so that Vermonters can clearly understand the differences and the choices they have in November. >> Read more!



After the primary

To my phenomenal supporters, endorsers and team, the results are in: we came up short in votes but not short in enthusiasm, character, energy and courage.

We ran a spirited, relevant issues and solutions based primary campaign focused on the key challenges facing Vermont. The issues and challenges we championed affect all Vermonters, not a few. The issues and challenges we championed will have a significant impact on our children and our children’s children. The issues and challenges we championed are not new and need to be addressed now.

I’ve always said, “I would rather stand alone, than not stand at all.” Thankfully and gratefully, I didn’t have to stand alone.

Thank you for your tireless support.

Thank you to the volunteers who made heroic personal sacrifices and put in countless hours organizing our grassroots primary campaign.

Thank you to our supporters and endorsers for having the confidence to provide me a taller and larger soapbox to stand upon and share our message of less government and more freedom by – stopping single payer, cutting spending, reducing property taxes, enabling school choice and protecting the federal and state constitutions especially, Vermonters rights to own and bear arms.

Thank you to my wife, children (whose summer was cut short) and family for their caring support and individual sacrifices.

You have made me a better person and candidate.

Dan Feliciano

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